With the Golden State Warriors having reached an agreement with two-time MVP Stephen Curry on a record-setting five-year deal, then come to terms on a three-year pact for Shaun Livingston and gotten the verbal OK from David West on a one-year vet deal, their focus now shifts to executing the rest of their free-agency plans.

Golden State now has seven free agents on the market, but none are more important than Kevin Durant and specifically in this case, team captain Andre Iguodala.

“Everyone has to make their own decision,” Draymond Green said this week regarding Iguodala. “And I’ll respect the decision guys make. We definitely want to keep this thing together as long as we can try to win as much as we can, but guys’ decisions are based on different things. Some people, it’s money. I don’t count another man’s pockets. I’m not going to say, ‘Hey, Andre, somebody’s offering you more money, don’t take that money.’ He’s a grown man and can make the decision he wants to make.”

Durant declined his player option and is willing to take nearly $3 million less than his max in order for the Warriors to retain the Bird rights to Iguodala. Durant’s move allows the organization to pay Iguodala a salary comparable to what he would receive from competitors.

According to sources, teams have shied away from contacting Durant to gauge his thought process because they believe it would be a waste of time. He’s not going anywhere.

The 2017 Finals MVP is waiting to re-sign so that the Warriors can take care of Iguodala first. The goal is to keep intact the championship core that consists of Curry, Klay Thompson, Durant, Green and Iguodala, but luxury tax implications could present some obstacles.

By all accounts from league sources, Livingston accepted a significant discount to remain in the Bay Area. But his fellow standout reserve Iguodala isn’t ready to take such an approach.

How far ownership is willing to venture over the tax is unknown, but there is apparently a line drawn because the 33-year-old Iguodala is visiting with several teams, including San Antonio, Sacramento and Houston.

A source told ESPN that Iguodala doesn’t have plans to meet with the Warriors at this juncture.

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