Shannon Spake: Let’s go back a few laps where we have the incident with the 2 and the 24, some people comparing the two incidents. But we’ve talked about this, and they’re very different in what way?

– Oh, I think it’s comparing an apple to a banana because this was right after a restart. And you can see Brad Keselowski. He was the leader. The one thing at question– there was a debate about this all weekend long, especially if you go back to the truck race on Saturday on that last restart. Brad Keselowski chose the outside. If I was Paul Wolfe as crew chief, I would have debated about that because I just felt like this late in the race, all you’re doing is opening the door that eight tires will work better than four right there.

– Yeah, and the thing is, starting on the outside, you’re hoping as you come off turn two, that you clear the car on the inside. Well, this doesn’t happen. Chase Elliot gets a good restart. So as we go down into turn three, you can see… the left front tire. He gets in so hard, he’s loose. The two– Brad Keselowski he gave ’em room. But the problem is, Chase gets in there, gets loose, gets up against the two. Now he doesn’t absolutely pun him out of the way, but yeah, he gets in hard. And basically, you know, as we play this, we see the two gets out of the groove. Chase is able to slow it down. Now he’s right on the edge at this point. If he gets any higher, Chase Elliot is sliding up in the loose marbles as well. But he gets to slow down and is able to get it pointed off, which sets up for the incident with the 11.

Adam Alexander: If Brad Keselowski doesn’t make it to Miami, how many times does he go back and replay that restart– when he chose the outside lane in his mind, playing the what-if game?

– Yeah, I mean, we don’t live in a what-if world, but to me, he already played this a whole lot. And then the other thing that AJ and I chatted about before the show, was how much room he gave Chase Elliot there on at restart.

– Yeah, you can see. I mean, Chase Elliott— he’s got a good half a car width to the curb. Chase got in deep. I mean, it is what it is as well, but at the same point, you go back to– you know, if the 22 doesn’t blow that leftward tire, we’re not talking about all of this anyway.

Shannon Spake: Yeah, and what if the 22 had come down, instead of staying out on the racetrack and trying to just–

– I will never understand.

– Ride this out.

– We would’ve had nothing to talk about today, you know?

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