Ian Poulter followed up his opening 67 at Royal Birkdale with a Friday 70 and sits just three shots off The Open lead heading into the weekend.

But one Poulter has already bagged a win during Open week. That would be Luke Poulter.

The elder Poulter took to Twitter Thursday night to let the world know his son had beaten John Daly’s son, John Jr., in an eight-hole match at nearby Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club after the first round of The Open.

Poulter expanded on the match between the two mini-mes on Friday after his round, saying 20 pounds exchanged hands and his son wasn’t letting Daly’s kid off easy:

“He actually went out to play golf with John Daly’s lad last night. So he played eight holes, and there was a little matchup and he managed to be successful in his little match.” Said Poulter. “So he’d come home pretty pumped last night and was excited to play some good golf.

“No, they were – well, one was very upset when he’d come back in the house, and unfortunately that was little John. But Luke was kind of rubbing it in, as he took a 20 pound note from him. So poor little John was not best pleased.”

When asked where his son may have learned to rub it in, Poulter did what any responsible parent would do, and jokingly blamed his wife.

“I’m not sure. It must be his mother,” he laughed.

Hopefully the loss doesn’t stick with John Jr. for too long, something tells us his young golf career is going to be just fine.

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