PITTSBURGH — Steelers safety Mike Mitchell has been fined for his controversial low hit on Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, but Mitchell’s biggest fine, $48,620, was the result of a helmet-to-helmet hit on running back Charcandrick West on Sunday.

Mitchell’s low hit on Smith with 16 seconds left in the third quarter earned a $9,115 fine. The $48,620 from the West play, which occurred late in the second quarter on a gang tackle, was a result of Mitchell’s repeat-offender status.

Regarding the Smith play, Mitchell said he accidentally tripped into the back of the quarterback’s legs as Mitchell’s feet got tangled with linebacker Anthony Chickillo, who verified the account. But Smith said he believed the play was far too late after his throw and cited Mitchell’s track record as a hitter.

“I’m not a dirty player,” Mitchell said Monday, also citing his respect for Smith.

In all, Steelers players racked up more than $94,000 in fines in Kansas City. Linebacker Bud Dupree was fined $24,309 for unnecessary roughness, and running back Le’Veon Bell received a $12,154 punishment for unsportsmanlike conduct for using the goal post as a punching bag after a touchdown.

The Steelers (4-2) defeated the Chiefs 19-13 and will host the rival Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

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