NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Players the Bostons Celtics Could Acquire at the Trade Deadline

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Paul George

Which superstar player should the Celtics acquire at the trade deadline? Here are the five possible targets for Boston. (Photo : Ximo Pierto Old/YouTube)

The Boston Celtics have the best collection of draft picks and young assets to pull off a blockbuster trade for a superstar player. They are expected to make a big move at this year’s trade deadline on Thursday, February 23. The Celtics need to make a trade and acquire a third All-Star since they have a window opportunity with Kevin Love out for six weeks and LeBron James not getting his rest for the playoffs. However, which superstar should the Celtics acquire? Here are the five possible targets for Boston.

Blake Griffin

According to Zach Lowe of ESPN, Griffin is one of the players the Celtics have been pursuing in the last couple of weeks. The Clippers reportedly wants Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley or Marcus Smart and additional draft picks for Griffin.

Although the deal is very possible, Lowe noted that a trade between the two teams is “extremely unlikely”. The Celtics would be a better team with Griffin because of his post presence and playmaking for his position but he’s injury prone and he is going to be a free agent at the end of the season. It’s too risky for Boston.

Jimmy Butler

Butler has been linked to the Celtics since last year and he is a perfect fit in Boston. He plays defense and he certainly can create his own shot. However, he has an Alpha mentality that could disrupt chemistry in the middle of the season.

The Celtics can give the Cavaliers a run for their money if they acquire Butler. However, K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reports that “Jimmy G. Buckets” is not going anywhere at the trade deadline.

Paul George

According to one NBA executive, the Celtics are going to get George this week via trade. ESPN Insider’s Marc Stein revealed this information on The Lowe Post podcast after a conversation with the unnamed NBA executive.

George is a better player than Butler and he does not have the attitude that can disrupt chemistry. He plays multiple positions, defend, pass, score and a little bit of everything. He can easily fit in to the Celtics roster and help them topple James and the defending champions.

Andre Drummond

As mentioned earlier, the Celtics’ main need is rebounding and interior defense. Drummond fits in perfectly and it so happens that the Detroit Pistons have reportedly made him available. The 23-year-old center even fueled a lot of rumors after his actions on social media.

Drummond changed his Twitter display photo to him waving goodbye and removing Pistons information on his bio. According to CSN New England, the Celtics is a possible landing spot for Drummond but a deal is not imminent.

Carmelo Anthony

Anthony is a ten-time All-Star and one of the best pure scorers in the NBA. He’s not a good fit in Boston because of his defense but he can ease a lot of pressure off Isaiah Thomas. He could be the Celtics’ last resort if they can’t acquire Griffin, Butler, George or Drummond.

The good news for the Celtics is they don’t need to trade the two Brooklyn Nets first-round picks. But the bad news? The trade might be happening since the Celtics started following Anthony on Instagram that fueled a lot of speculations, per the New York Daily News.

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